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Seismic Data Collection

Seismic Survey Design and Planning

Our approach to seismic survey design and planning is central to effective seismic data collection. We delve into the complexities of the subsurface, near-surface, and surface conditions to optimize data accuracy and coverage. Our designs address various technical needs, enhancing spatial and temporal resolution, and broadening the fully imaged area. For areas with intricate geological features, such as dipping targets or complex overburdens, we employ advanced methods and conduct thorough illumination studies.


A dedicated and knowledgeable local team facilitates the communication between the landowner and other stakeholders. This team has extensive experience and knowledge of permitting aspects and geodesy. These agents respect the right and the interests of all parties involved.


With four active drilling crews, we have the unparalleled technical advantage in TZ data collection. We design and manufacture fit-for-purpose drilling machinery for TZ areas.

Survey Types Enhancing Seismic Data Quality

Land 2D and 3D Surveys: We provide extensive subsurface imaging through our two-dimensional and three-dimensional seismic surveys on land.

Transition Zone (TZ) and Shallow Marine Operations: Our expertise extends to challenging environments like Transition Zones and shallow marine areas. Unique drilling techniques in TZ and the use of node-on-rope receivers give us an edge in acquiring high-quality seismic data in these areas.

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